Our Staff

Our staff is made up of both paid Mexicans and American volunteers. We currently have about 30 Mexican staff members on site and eight American volunteers. Our American volunteers raise their own personal support--no American receives any financial compensation from Door of Faith.

Directors: Gabriel & Eduarda (Ocampo Meda) Diego Garcia

Gabe (Gabriel) and his wife Lala (Eduarda) are the Directors of Door of Faith. For over 20 year they have been serving the children here. Gabriel has been involved with Door of Faith from early on, joining the family as a teenager in 1962. Together they oversee the children and staff here at the orphanage. Gabriel is also president of the Orphanage Comity, an organization made up of 12 orphanages serving approx. 500 children of Ensenada, Baja. Lala and Gabe have three children living at home, Gabriel, Perla & Patricia, and two married children, Alana and Gabriel Jr.


Administrators: DJ & Lynette Schuetze (since April 1993)

dj@dofo.org   lynette@dofo.org

DJ & Lynette Schuetze moved from Orange County to Door of Faith in April of 1993.  She is trained in child development and was a pre-school teacher. DJ’s background is business, serving as Director of Marketing for a company in Southern California. After volunteering for many years at various orphanages they felt led to move full time to Baja to serve the children here at Door of Faith. Since their arrival and organization of Door of Faith, the home has grown into one of the larger orphanages in Baja.

Lauren Bell (since Jan. 2008)

After visiting Door of Faith numerous times during her high school years, Lauren decided to make a long-term commitment to the orphanage in January 2008. Though leaving her friends and family behind in Ohio was difficult, Lauren has fallen in love with the children and staff at Door of Faith. She plans to remain as a missionary in Mexico until God calls her elsewhere. Lauren enjoys "nieve" from Tiendita Anitas and long walks on the beach.

"I’m pretty fast. To give you a reference point, I’m somewhere between a snake and a mongoose. And a panther." - D. Schrute

Brendan & Sarah Mayer (since April 2008)

Brendan and Sarah joined Door of Faith in the spring of 2008, after being led by God to leave their life in Southern California behind for a new calling in Mexico. Brendan previously worked in the PR office at a private university, and Sarah, a physician assistant, worked at a non-profit medical clinic. They are joined in this adventure by their two daughters, Grace, 4, and Noemi, 1.

Jarilyn Wilson (since Oct. 2008)

Jarilyn came to Door of Faith from Orange County, CA. She is a graduate of Vanguard University and a member of Rock Harbor Church in Costa Mesa. After visiting with her church Life Group for a couple of years, she felt called to volunteer at DOFO full time. Having volunteer experience in Mozambique, Africa and Washington D.C., she is excited to be working so close to home! She is here indefinitely as she awaits God’s perfect timing. She is an avid fan of The Office and enjoys eating pretty much anything. *Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica!*

Robin Schmidt and sons, David (16) & Tyler (13) (since Sep. 2009)

Robin and her sons have been volunteering each summer for the past 7 years with their church family from Central California.  Door of Faith has had great influence in their lives in the area of serving; especially with children.  After listening to her sons desire to serve in Mexico, already having a desire herself to work in an orphanage, she didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity to serve at Door of Faith. Robin and her sons have committed to serve for one year and then see if the Lord would have them return to serve in the states or stay serving at Door of Faith.

Becca Mellor (since Nov. 2009)