Our Staff

Our hard-working and committed staff is made of both paid Mexicans and non-paid American volunteers. We currently have about 28 Mexican staff members on-site and about 10 American volunteers. 

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(No American receives any financial compensation from Door of Faith.

If you’d like to support our volunteer staff please contact them directly.)


Gabriel & Eduarda (Ocampo Meda) Diego Garcia


DJ Schuetze


Lynette Schuetze


Michael Brown


Rick and Nicole Garcia

Hannah King

Missions/Group   Leaders

Intern of Operations

Emily John

Group Host

Gabe and Heidi Landes

Paige Rios

Group Host

Missionary Care


Gabriel & Eduarda (Ocampo Meda) Diego Garcia


Gabe (Gabriel) and Lala (Eduarda) are the directors of Door of Faith. For over 20 years they have been serving the children here. Gabriel has been involved with Door of Faith from early on, joining the family as a teenager in 1962. Together they oversee the children and staff here at the orphanage. Gabriel is also president of the Orphanage Comity, an organization made up of orphanages serving approx. 500 children of Ensenada, Baja. Lala and Gabe have three children living at home, Gabriel, Perla & Patricia, and two married children, Alana and Gabriel Jr.


DJ and Lynette Schuetze

US Board President/Administrators (since April 1993)

Email: dj@dofo.org   lynette@dofo.org 

DJ & Lynette Schuetze moved from Orange County to Door of Faith in April of 1993.  Lynette is trained in child development and was a preschool teacher.  DJ’s background is business, running a wholesale company in Southern California. After volunteering on weekends for many years at various orphanages, they felt led to move full time to Baja to serve the children here at Door of Faith.  Since their arrival at Door of Faith to handle day to day operations and serve where needed, the home has grown into one of the largest orphanages in Baja.  Today DJ & Lynette spend much of their time helping with orphanage consulting and training, both in Mexico and parts of Africa.  DJ also is president of Strong Tower Ministries, a team serving multiple ministries here in Baja including medical teams, construction projects, food programs, and whatever ministries need to further the Kingdom.

To read DJ’s blog click here


Michael Brown

Director of Operations  (since forever)

Email: michael@dofo.org 

While Michael was studying Christian Ministry with a Focus on Youth at Southwest Baptist University in Missouri, he was also leading short term missions teams to Door of Faith.  After university, he chose to come and serve the children of Baja.  His first full-time mission was with Genesis Diez, a ministry south of Ensenada, leading summer camp programs for orphans.  After Genesis Diez he joined the team here at Door of Faith.   He has been serving here with a special focus on mentoring our teenage boys.   Michael runs the day to day operations of our large  home.  His servant’s heart comes through as he is a natural leader with the visiting groups, the staff, and Door of Faith teens alike.

Rick and Nicole Garcia

Missions/Group Leaders (since 2019)

Email:  rick@dofo.org      nicole@dofo.org

Rick and Nicole are from Stockton, CA, and have been married for 28 years. They began serving at DOFO with their church, Calvary Chapel Stockton, in 2012, on annual mission trips. They made the leap of faith in August 2019 to become full-time missionaries and moved to Door of Faith. Rick and Nicole help coordinate all of the short-term missions teams coming to DOFO. Rick also loves teaching Jiu Jitsu to our boys and Nicole leads our Child Sponsorship Program.


Hannah and Horchata King

Intern of Operations and Kitten (since 2019)

Email:  hannah@dofo.org

Hannah first heard about Door of Faith while attending Southwest Baptist University, when serving on a short term mission during spring break. She graduated with a degree in Exercise Science. She had a plan to go to grad school, but she felt called to move and serve here long term instead. She has known she would work in the mission field since 3rd grade, but would have never expected it to be this soon or to look this way. In addition to being enthusiastic about hosting and planning short term mission trips, she enjoys being the fun grandma of some of the kids here. She gets blessed by being a part of this unexpected, but incredible journey here at DOFO. Her kitten, Horchata, doesn't do much but is really cute. 


Emily John

Group Host  (since 2020)

Email:  emily@dofo.org 

Emily moved from Fresno, CA to Door of Faith in July 2020. She has participated in many short term trips to DOFO since her first visit with her church in 2018, including being a part of DOFO's Summer Internship Program for the past two years. With every trip, Emily felt more strongly called to serve at DOFO long term. After graduating High School, she made the transition as a full-time missionary. In addition to hosting groups, Emily writes our regular email updates and newsletters. She is excited to be a part of the Door of Faith family and humbled to be involved in what God is doing here!  


Paige Rios

Group Host   (since 2019)

Email: paige@dofo.org

Paige is from Seal Beach, California. She studied Theater Arts and Bible at Biola University. She is also a beauty school dropout and has spent the past 7 years serving in youth ministry. She first felt God pulling her toward global missions in 2012 when she began volunteering with E3 Partners in many parts of the world, planting churches and educating families about human trafficking. Paige first visited Door of Faith in 2016 with a group of high school students from her church. For several years, she has worked alongside other ministries in La Mision and every time returned home with a deep desire to do ministry in Mexico long term. When she returned to DOFO in 2019, God provided her with the opportunity to do just that.  She loves people, languages, and telling people about what God has done in her life!


Gabe and Heidi Landes

Missionary Care (since 2016)

Email:  gabe@dofo.org      heidi@dofo.org

Gabe and Heidi are from Dayton, Ohio, and have been leading mission trips and serving orphanages in Baja for 25 years. Gabe was a pastor for 14 years before starting an insurance agency which he continues to operate as a funding mechanism for his and Heidi’s work here at DOFO. Heidi has a background in urban ministry and non-profit fundraising. While in Ohio, they served as a host family for African children who came to the US for life-saving surgeries. Together, they began Courage for Parents , a ministry which encourages and equips families to follow Jesus and serve together locally and internationally. Together they run our Summer Internship program and are intentional about pouring into the other members of our volunteer staff. They serve here with their four children, living out their family motto: “Never Boring!”