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Visitor Projects

There are certain kinds of work that visitors CAN do and certain kinds of work visitors CANNOT do. For example, we have a full staff of Mexican and Americans. They do laundry, help kids get baths, iron clothes, take them to school, etc. We usually don't have visitors do the basic day-to-day caring of our kids because that's why we have staff. Visitors do the extras that we are either unable to do or unable to afford to do. 

"What CAN we do when we visit?"

  • Buy, prepare, and serve lunch or dinner for our kids and staff! 

  • Paint, weed, or landscape around the property, if needed

  • Play soccer, basketball, or hang out on the playground with some of our kids

  • Read with our kids with Spanish books from our library

  • Bring approved-in-advance crafts, games, and activities you can do with our kids

  • Bring donations of these items with you (these are super-helpful for us!)

  • Buy paint and brushes and then paint one of our buildings, fences, or playground equipment

  • Buy a dump truck of gravel and spread in our parking areas or driveway

  • If skilled, help with some technical maintenance around the property, if needed

  • Build a house in the local community for a needy family

  • Other ideas as needed! 

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