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House Builds

If your group has the funds, manpower, and skills, you can make a HUGE difference in the life of a local family by building a 2-or-3-bedroom house over the course of a week.

Each year we have groups from around the United States who come to Door of Faith and spend their week building a house. On average we build about 10 houses a year. 

We work with local families who apply for a house through our house building ministry. Once approved, the families are required to buy for the plot of land and then have the concrete slab poured and ready so that when the group arrives they can begin building immediately.

Door of Faith staff will purchase the materials needed for the house build and have all materials ready and waiting for you upon arrival. 

For 2022, the cost of a house is approximately $16,000. This is the amount the group sends to us in advance so that we can purchase the materials. This is enough to get the house built, drywalled, and plumbed with fixtures. Afterwards, the family will paint, lay flooring, and finish the house. 

This is a great ministry to our community. Some churches have been coming for 15+ years and have built relationships with the families, and have a reunion dinner each summer. 

If you'd like more information about being a part of our house building program, please contact us!

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