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About Us


For over 50 years Door of Faith has served orphaned children and the poorer communities in our area.

Today, with around 100 children, we are one of the largest orphanages in Baja.  We are also a base for short-term mission teams from all over the United States and Canada, taking care of those who take care of Mexico.


  • To provide the best home possible to the children entrusted to us.

  • To serve the people of our community, other ministries, and other orphanages.

  • To provide a base where people seeking to minister and serve in Baja can come for housing, training, and support.


  1. Family: To provide family atmosphere for the children. We see the traditional family as the ideal model and want our children to experience all of the stability, love, and guidance that comes from that.

  2. Education: To prepare our children for life after Door of Faith. We want our children to have a strong education so when they move on from the orphanage they can be healthy and productive members of society.

  3. Community Service: To live Christ’s example of a life of service.   We strive to love our neighbor as ourselves, teaching our children to give back through both word and action.  By allowing and encouraging our children to serve others, both on site and in our community, it brings restoration.  Our children are taught that they are NOT what’s been done to them, they are made in the image of God, designed for good works, they have a purpose in this life.  Service to other brings healing.

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