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Ongoing Needs and Donations

Please feel free to bring any of the following with you on your visit!

We are ALWAYS in need of:

  • Laundry detergent (liquid, any kind)

  • Dish soap

  • Floor cleaner

  • Mops, sponges, dish rags

  • Diapers sizes 4, 5, and 6 (Pampers or Huggies, please)

  • Wipes

  • Office copy paper

  • Shampoo/Conditioner

  • Toilet Paper

We also have an AMAZON WISH LIST which we update frequently with our ongoing needs.

TIPS for Bringing Donations:

  • If you or your group are bringing donations to us, we recommend that you spread the items out over a number of vehicles so that customs agents don’t mistake you for an import/export business.

  • Generally speaking, we cannot accept donations of used clothing. It is illegal to bring donations of used clothing into Mexico. However, we will accept donations of brand new clothing, especially underwear and jeans.


  • Instead of bringing items across the border, we do respect targeted financial donations (for food, toiletries, etc.).  Also, gift cards from Costco, Walmart, or HomeDepot are greatly appreciated and a practical donation. 

  • If you’re not coming down and still want to help, checks or gift cards can be mailed to our PO box in the US.  Mailing Address   Donations can also be made online here:  Donate

Other Needs:

  • Used furniture (dressers, couches, etc)

  • Used vehicles (not just vans, but trucks and smaller cars are also a need)

All donations are tax deductible, if you’re interested please ask for a receipt for donated items.  Donations by check are sent a receipt automatically.

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