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Day Visits

We would love to have you visit for a day! Here are the steps to make it happen:

  • Schedule your visit in advance by emailing

  • Visiting hours for day visitors are 9AM to 5PM 

  • We will help you plan your visit and activities in advance

  • When you arrive we will give you a tour and share our story

  • From there you can stay in the public areas and/or do a service project

Day Visit Project Ideas

  • Prepare and serve lunch or dinner for our kids and staff

  • Paint, weed, or landscape around the property, if needed

  • Play soccer, basketball, or hang out on the playground with some of our kids

  • Read with our kids with Spanish books from our library

  • Bring approved-in-advance crafts, games, and activities you can do with our kids

  • Bring donations of these items with you (these are super-helpful for us!)

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